Your Fleet

Business aviation liberates you from all conformities and lets you truly be yourself. Pushing the boundaries of time and space we offer a fleet of business jets that will help to make the world a bit smaller.

Midsize jet class is the platinum spot when speaking about quality and contents — Midsize jets were created for those who choose balanced proportions. Due to a rich diversity of variants — different cabin capacity, range, speed — Midsize jets are truly versatile. They will help you to make a rational choice between a practical necessity and nonessential excessiveness. Business jets will comfortably connect not so distant regions — Moscow, Europe, Middle East and some jets — even with China — carrying 10 passengers at once. During a non-exhausting flight the passengers won’t lack comfort: the aircraft offers wide and comfortable leather seats, entertainment systems as well as a perfectly outfitted galley and a roomy wardrobe.

Cessna Citation XLS+

Passengers: up to 8

Maximum cruise speed: 817 km/h

Moscow - Nice: 3 h 57 min

Hawker 900 XP

Passengers: up to 8

Maximum cruise speed: 793 km/h

Moscow - Nice: 3 h 48 min