Your Fleet

Business aviation liberates you from all conformities and lets you truly be yourself. Pushing the boundaries of time and space we offer a fleet of business jets that will help to make the world a bit smaller.

The longer is the flight the more dwelling is the lack of space onboard the aircraft. However you will never experience this feeling flying our business liners even if you are travelling to the farthest destination — half of the globe or more than 13 thousand kilometers. Business liners are the only type of aircraft that allow you walking on board as if you were in a park — literally without even bowing your head. The spacious cabin easily houses a luxurious living room with a dining table, a separate luxury cabin with a king-size bed, a shower and an office. A business liner will perfectly suit as a corporate shuttle transporting the top management of the company from continent to continent. Depending on the layout of your choice a business liner can carry from 18 to 60 passengers: guests, colleagues and attending staff.

Boeing Business Jet

Passengers: up to 60

Maximum cruise speed: 850 km/h

Moscow - Seychelles: 9 h 14 min

Moscow - Miami: 11 h 35 min

Moscow - Dubai: 4 h 47 min

Airbus Corporate Jet

Passengers: up to 60

Maximum cruise speed: 850 km/h

Moscow - Malaga: 4 h 29 min

Moscow - Dubai: 4 h 26 min

Moscow - Zurich: 2 h 33 min